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About the project

To live in Barkarbystaden is to be a part of a unique urban development. The latest addition to the area is + Origo.

Here you will find apartments and rental spaces and flexible apartments where many generations can live side by side. For the entrepreneur there is a possibility to have a home office in a separate part of the apartment. Everything is built with the highest quality with a combination of proximity to nature and public transport that is hard to beat.

At + Origo you will be living with life, movement, culture and nature just around the corner. Welcome to send us your application today!

Real estate agent: Daniella Georges, 070-574 70 70, Gripengatan 2, Järfälla.

The Area

The Area

  1. 1

    ORIGO The new and exciting building with apartments, studios and commercial spaces for restaurants and shops. Here you will be living close to both culture and nature.

  1. 2

    ENTRÉTORGET A meeting place and entrance to Barkarbystaden and Kyrkparken. Restaurant and café with outdoor space towards the park.

  2. 3

    TUNNELBANETORGET Just next to Origo is the subway and bus station. Here you will also find restaurants and shops.

  3. 4

    BARKARBY STATION The new public transport hot spot of the area. Järfälla will become one of Sweden’s most accessible places and Barkarby station will be a junction for traffic in north western Stockholm with subway, regional trains, commuter trains, busses and E18, close to E4 and Förbifart Stockholm.

  1. 5

    BARKARBY SJUKHUS A new modern hospital with health care, local ER and an elderly care home for all of north western Stockholm.

  2. 6

    ÅLSTASKOLAN In a child friendly location near the nature reserve, Ålstaskolans preschool, primary school and special school will be built.

  3. 7

    HERRESTASKOLAN is only a block away from Origo and will have preschool to year 5.

  4. 8

    BAS BARKARBY Upper secondary school, higher education, offices and culture and a multi-centre for sports and events, a library, restaurants, a café and a gym.

  1. 9

    SÄBYPARK Entrance to the nature reserve’s great cultural landscape with pastures, fields and animals. Large forest areas with lakes and wetlands. Many miles of trails and pathways for hiking.

  2. 10

    KAJEN At the landing strip the city meets nature along Igelbäcken. The pier and the landing strip together create a lovely outdoor space with room for recreation and leisure and sports activities. This is a place to” just be” with social areas, restaurants and café.

  1. 11

    MULTISPORTANLÄGGNING with an indoor ski track in combination with apartments, schools, culture, shopping and a hotel.

  2. 12

    TORGET VID LANDNINGSBANAN can be used for cultural and sports events, organised or spontaneous activities such as basketball, roller-blading and concerts. In the south part of the square there is a school and in the northern part there are restaurants, cafés and an open-air café. In the middle there will be a cultural centre or a multi arena with public activities.

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About Botrygg

Botrygg plans, builds and manages rental spaces and tenant-owned apartments.

Botrygg AB was founded 1981 under the name Fastighetsbolaget Duvkullen HB. From July 2003 the company is called Botrygg AB.

The real estate portfolio has previously mostly been located in Linköping but now we also have buildings in Norrköping, Göteborg, Stockholm, Uppsala and Örebro. In total, the company has about 4,000 apartments.

Botrygg plans, builds and manages rental spaces and tenant-owned apartments. We also have projects with single family houses with ownership rights. Botrygg also has public spaces and logistic spaces. The company has since the 90’s actively been producing newly built homes. During the last years Botrygg has produced about 500 apartments per year. The production is done with own construction.

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